Is it okay to say bye?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it is fine, it is perfectly natural to say bye to you're partner if you feel you need a break then you can take that time away from each other to think if the relationship will work and people say bye to there partners every single day to go to there jobs Etx.

Anyway, I wish you good luck with you're relationship.

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Q: Is it okay to say bye?
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How do you say okay bye in french?

"d'accord, au revoir" but you can say "ok bye" too

How do you say bye in creole?

Sorry but there is no "BYE" in creole .. my mom & my family say bye .. but u can say bye in french its okay too .. its Au revoir. I hope this helped you.

How do say rhyzire in spanish?

to say my name in spanish is rhizome that the easy way so thats how you say any questions people okay that all for today bye bye



How can you console a girl for sex?

all of this stuff is way bad so better not to say this question okay bye

How do you say Bye in Latin?

To say bye in Latin you say "Vale" when you are saying bye to one person. To say bye to mare then one person you say "Valete"

How do you say bye-bye in Iraqi?

Bye Bye Everyone

How do you say bye-bye lover in spanish?

I know that you say bye bye ciao ciao but i dont know how to say lover sry

How do they say good- bye in France?

Aurevoir. A bientôt. But if you say "good bye" or "bye bye" everyone understands you.

How do you say bye in India?

You say bye as BYE only This is due to modernization.

How do you say bye bye in text form?

just say bye and get it over with!! l8ter

How to say hello in Russian?

This is how you say hello in Russian: Privet=hello or Zdrastwuyte=hello This is how you say Bye in Russian: Paka=Bye or Bye-Bye=Bye I hope I helped you :)