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It is safe, as long as the blanket is not too hot. Keep it cooler, and try not to cover up the cord leaving the blanket at the foot of the bed.

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Q: Is it okay to put a comforter over an electric blanket?
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What type of blanket should I buy to use on the inside of a duvet?

A duvet is desinged to fit over a comforter not a blanket.

Do you use your electric blanket and a comforter at the same time?

Can I use a woollen underlay or mattress protector with my electric blanket? Yes, if you have a Safe & Sound electric blanket manufactured in 2005 or later, it can be used in conjunction with an underlay, providing it does not have a heavy rubber backing. The underlay or mattress protector can be placed either on top of the electric blanket or underneath it. Please note that your electric blanket may take longer to heat up should you place the underlay over the top of it. If you have any other Sunbeam electric blanket (i.e. not Safe & Sound) or one manufactured before 2005, you should only place the underlay or mattress protector underneath the electric blanket. Placing a heavy underlay over the top of this type of blanket may trap the heat and inadvertently activate the safety overheat protection system, which cannot be reset. If using a magnetic underlay, you should check with the supplier of the underlay to ensure its effectiveness when used in conjunction with an electric blanket.

How a heated electric blanket works?

it works because all the wires inside of it and there is over 200 wires inside of a electric blanket

Do you put a mattress topper under or over an electric blanket?

You put the electric blanket on top of the mattress topper. If you put the mattress topper over the electric blanket you could start a fire. So the electric blanket goes on TOP of the mattress topper.

Where to return electric blanket for repair?

It is probably just as well to toss the blanket and start over. The new blankets also have an automatic shut off, which is safer. (You could also strip the wiring from the old blanket and use it as a regular blanket).

Can an electric blanket be used on the wenatex mattress?

It is fine to use an electric blanket with a Wenatex Mattress. Please ensure the electric blanket is fitted on top of the mattress cover (not inside the mattress cover). It is advisable that the electric blanket is switched ON prior to retiring to bed and then turned OFF when actually getting into bed to avoid overheating - enabling natural body to take over and keep you warm. As overheating in bed can cause a restless sleep, where possible, please remove the electric blanket during the warmer months and place it in the cupboard - it can be set up again when the cooler weather arrives.

Does a king comforter fit on a full size mattress?

all it means is that the comforter hangs over

Can electric mattress pads be used under memory foam pad?

Yes, you can use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress topper. You might actually enjoy the feel of the mattress more when using an electric blanket because they often times feel different depending on the tempurature.

Do you put an electric blanket over or under a foam topper pad?

One should NEVER place an electric blanket under anything!...It poses a fire risk from the friction and wires. Best to heat up the bed before you get in and then shut it off to reduce the risk. Electric blankets cause house fires with people still in the bed. It happened in Connecticut.

What is a goose down comforter and what is it used for?

A goose down comforter is a piece of bedding made from goose feathers. The comforter is the top piece of bedding that goes over your sheets, but under your decorative pillows.

Do you use blankets over an electric blankets?

no. r u kidding me!! Yes my wife and I do use an electric blanket with one or two other blankets. We have for years. We are very safety and health minded, so our process is to turn on the blanket 2-3 hours before we go to bed, then turn it off so we are not exposed to the normal EMF radiation from any electric current. We do not have the blanket on when we are not home to monitor it. We are mindful to never fold or bend the internal resistance wiring.

How does an electric blanket work?

An electric blanket can keep you warmer on cold days:A regular blanket can provide you a standard amount of it which cannot be switched or controlled. You cannot really do anything if the heat given off by your blanket is too much or too less. However, with an electric heated blanket, you will generally get a remote controller which can be used to switch between various temperature levels as per your personal preference. This is especially good when it comes to keeping yourself warmer on cold nights and days in the dead of winter when regular blankets just can’t help you out as much as you want it to. This will help you feel more comfortable no matter what the weather is like so that you can move on with your daily tasks with ease. By keeping yourself warmer in the cold weather, you can also keep yourself safe from unwanted diseases.A heated blanket can be helpful in protecting your body from harmful diseases:There are a surprisingly large number of diseases that you can be affected by being exposed to the cold weather. If you are someone who suffers from low immunity levels, it is more important than anything else to keep yourself warm and safe from all the dangerous diseases that the winter season can bring along with it. For this purpose, a heated throw blanket can be extremely helpful, not only for you but for your entire family as well. Whenever you feel ill, you can cover yourself up with an electric throw blanket in order to speed up your healing process and to prevent it from escalating.An electric throw blanket is convenient to use as well as to maintain:The best part about an electric heated throw blanket is that you can use it as per your convenience just like a regular blanket, even though it is a lot more effective. It can also be washed like a regular blanket. This is because most heated throw blankets have electric parts that can be easily removed. Once such parts are removed, you will be able to wash it in a washing machine or as per your convenience. You can even attach the electric parts of the blanket to a regular blanket and use it as a heated throw if you want. Moreover, a good heated electric throw blanket will have a long power cord which will make it even more convenient when you wear it while moving ahead with your daily chores.A heated throw blanket can be used by all the members of your family without safety concerns:Most customers express their concern over their safety while using an electric heated throw. This is because a lot of people are worried that using an electric blanket might increase their chances of being affected by electric shock. However, the truth is that it is as safe to use an electric blanket as it is to use a regular one. An electric blanket of good quality will always be designed to protect the user from any danger that can be caused by the electric parts of the blanket. It is not only safe for adults to use, but also for older children and pets as well.For all these reasons and more, it is a good idea to invest in an electric heated throw. But make sure to put your safety first and buy an electric heated throw of good quality only.If you confused which product to be used, you can try protragen electric heating blanket as I use the same, its an amazing product.