Is it okay to love feet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if you love feet. no way. its awesome to love feet. i kiss my girl friends feet all the time.

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Q: Is it okay to love feet?
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Is it okay for an 8th grade boy to LOVE a 6th grade girl's feet if they hang out a lot and she knows a little bit about his foot fetish and lets him massage her feet?

I guess it's okay...but pretty weird if you ask me.

Is it okay for guys to love horses?

If you mean love in the since that you like them, then yes it is perfectly Okay.

Is it okay to love someone?

Yes it is okay. Love can be really crazy sometimes but, hey, that's the game.

How many feet in 18 yards?

it is 4 okay * * * * * No, not okay. 18 feet is 18/3 = 6 yards, not 4!

Are women ok with foot fetishes?

Of course. Most women love to have their feet kissed on. It's all okay. I have a foot fetish as well. When I see a girl in flip flops with a nice pedicure, I stare at her feet. Sometimes they see me, but just smile. It's alright. That's one thing that satisfies a woman. It's normal to like feet. They love to have their feet kissed on or licked on and sucked on. But if she isn't comfortable with it, that's okay too. If she likes you, she'll respect your fetish.

I love gladys?


Is it okay to be in love?

Course it is!

What will you do when a woman says she does not love you?


Is it okay to be in a relationship?

Of course it is, when you are in love.

Will you be my boyfriend joe?

Okay, my love

Is it okay for a 13 year old boy to like his girlfriends feet?

Yes it is okay. It's nothing wrong with a boy liking a females feet.

If you like someone does it mean you love them?

No, love and like are two different things. Like is okay, you feel okay about it. Love is all you can think about. As we grow we learn the difference.