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Absolutely, it's definitely a crazy path to take but so rewarding and beautiful. It just pretty much takes every aspect of love to make it work. Patience, kindness, understanding, being real with each other, faithfulness, determination, dedication, communication, selflessness, and just a whole lot in between. But the in between is the whole experience. So take it as it comes, It's a rare and challenging way of being able to love on someone but it definitely is more stable than a short distance just because it forces you to be more intentional and disciplined in your actions and words.

So YES, it works!

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No. It is not.

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Q: Is it okay to have a long distance relationship?
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What is the term for the relationship between the distance?

um Long-distance relationship?

Is it right to assume the worst in a long distance relationship?

In some instances when the relationship isn't fully developed or is not that strong, long distance relationships can be disastrous. But if you have a strong relationship full of trust, communication, and commitment then long distance relationships can actually strengthen your relationship and help it grow. If you manage a long distance relationship and it works out, you know that your relationship can withstand difficult situations.

What are the survival chances of a long-distance relationship if the relationship will no longer be long-distance in a year?

What you mean like long distance cumshots? In that case like 1 in 69

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How long do you think the long distance relationship will last?

It can last a long time if you are both committed. I have been in a long distance relationship for 7 months

How can you handle a long-distance relationship?

okay,the only thing i can say is this i myself am in the same relationship,in a very long distance relationship am in Asia and my galfriend is in Africa and to handle this type of relationship isn't easy at all but i can say the only thing which is needed is trust and believing that wherever he/she at, he/she does real care for your relationship,there are ups and downs so be ready to share, open to each other and see if it works, once it works the relationship is perfect.

Why is my long distance relationship boyfriend ignoring me?

Maybe he is frustrated with having to deal with a long distance relationship. Visit him. That will change his mind.

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What is a remote relationship?

remote relationship would be a distant or long distance relationship

How do you ask her if she wants a long-distance relationship?

Simple....... Go to her and say how would you feel about a long distance relationship........ It's not going to be that hard.................

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