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Not sure it's OK exactly, but it is almost universal male behavior. I hope it's done discreetly, so as not to be a nuisance for you.

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Q: Is it okay for my boyfriend to check out other girls?
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Is it okay for your boyfriend to dance with other girls when he goes clubbing without you?


What do you do when another girl hugs your boyfriend and your boyfriend says its okay that she hugged him and that they are just friends?

If you are secure in your relationship with your boyfriend, don't worry about it. It's okay for guys to have other friends that are girls.

Is't okay for your boyfriend to dance with other girls when he goes clubbing with his friends and without you?

Yes, of course it's okay for your boyfriend to dance with other girls. It's just dancing, as long as that's all he's doing it's no threat to you.

If your boyfriend dances with other girls is it okay for you to dance with other boys?

Obviously hes cheating dump him and get your butt out there!

Is it okay for your boyfriend to smile at other girls?

He can look but he CANNOT touch. A smile is fine, but flirting is not. So he should not smile and then start a flirty conversation.

Are girls okay with their boyfriend looking at girls feet including hers?

It depends if your thoughts are perverted. If the girl knows that the guy is into other girls, of course she will be worried and will freak out. But if she knows he respects her and will commit to only her, she will not have to worry about her boyfriend hanging around others. If he looks at girls feet, it should be for a good reason. Not just a lame original reason.

Should your boyfriend tell other girls i love you?

it depends on who he's telling i love you too, if its is sister, or cousin or relatives its okay, to his best friend who is a girl, okay to a certain aspect. but if it's just another girl, i guess no he shouldn't

What would you think if your boyfriend is flirting around on social networks to get clients for a photoshoot?

I would think its not okay. There are plenty of other ways to get clients without flirting with other people. I hate to say it but he might he using that as an excuse to meet other girls.

Is it okay for you to have a boyfriend at 11?

yes i had a boyfriend at 6

Is this poem okay for my boyfriend?

what is it

Is it okay for a guy to have a wife and a boyfriend?

No, It is not okay. That is still infidelity

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells you he hooked up with two other girls before you the night that you first met him?

he's a douche, but you probably don't deserve better so its okay :) now if you were Alicia mccormick, you wouldn't have this problem!