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i would not say that it is bad but it is like swimming in a lake

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Q: Is it ok to swim in 1 week old unfilterd pool water?
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Can you swim in pool after finding dead chipmunk?

Is the pool full or empty? Depends how long they were in there. If it was just overnight, no big dal. If it was a week, I would shock the pool. Pool Masters.

How often would you need a pool maintenance person when you convert a chloride water pool to a salt water pool?

two or three days a week

How much shock n swim do you put for a 3800 gallons pool?

1/2 a bag will cover up to 5,000 gal & is still safe for a 3800 gal pool; use 1/2 a bag about every 4 to 6 days. Shock will clear the green but may not clear the cloudiness if you wait too long, but the water should still be safe to swim in; have your water tested by your pool professional at least once a week, it's usually free.

How do you start a swim club?

You invite your friends, and tell them to invite theirs. Then rent a pool, like once a week, and swim, and do whatever you do in a swim club! : )

Is it possible for a black winter vinyl pool cover to superheat the air and the pool water and cause the water to evaporate?

The water is going to evaporate at some rate with or without a cover. You need to add water to the pool at least once per week. Evaporation rates without a cover would be close to 1.5" per week in most areas. k

Do salt pool evaporate at a higher rate than non salt pools?

No Pool water evaporates in one day or one week

How can you remove skunk spray from swimming pool water?

Use extra chlorine for about a week to shock the pool. As long as the water stays clear, you don't have a problem. If the pool gets cloudy, consult a professional.

What does shocking a pool do?

By shocking, it means to put a small amount of chlorine into the pool water, just to kill harmful bacteria. In most cases, it's safe to swim about an hour after shocking. Super-chlorination, however, requires at least 12 hours to allow chlorine levels to drop. Otherwise, it would be exactly like swimming in a pool of Clorox, and your skin WILL burn. That's why some pools are open 6 days a week and close the 7th day.

Do baby hippos swim?

Yes. Most are born in the water and have to learn to swim almost from the moment they're born.

A swimming pool loses 1 percent of its water during the week due to evaporation if the pool holds 5000 gallons how much water does it lose?

5000 gals x 0.01 = 50 gals

How many days a week do you have to swim to become an athletic swimmer?

I am an athletic swimmer but am not a professional. I swim everyday of the week at swim practice. That's my advice! Join your local swim team and you will be athletic all of the time!

Is it normal to lose about 1.5 inches of water a week from a 10K gallon in-ground pool in Florida?

Probably perfectly normal. I lose that in a 25,000 gallon pool in Houston.