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that depends really it might be ok on the cheek

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Q: Is it ok to kiss your girlfriend at age 12?
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Is it ok to have a girlfriend at age 12?


Is it ok to kiss at 12?

It is perfectly okay to kiss at the age of 12. If of course it feels right to you.

Is it okay to kiss when you are 12?

Yes, it is ok to kiss at age 12. But not like make out kiss just a little peck on the cheek or near the lips, but nothing big.

Im 12 can I kiss someone?

There's no age requirement for kissing. If you feel like it, do it, it's ok.

What age is ok to kiss?

I guess any age. I kissed when i was 10 well it was my first kiss.

Should you kiss a boy at the age of 12?

Yes its ok I know lots of people that kissed at that age I hope every thing works out cause u should kiss him if you love him

When is it ok to kiss your girlfriend?

its a moment thing bro.u will kno the feeling.

Is it ok if a 11 year old boy hasn't kissed a girl?

The "first kiss" age is 12-13 many people have their first kiss at later ages

Is 12 years old to young to kiss a girl she is my girlfriend and i really like her?

If you really do like her it is ok I guess. But it is also a bad habit to get into I dont think you should kiss but it is all your decision. (is she ready for this)

What age is it ok to kiss your boyfriend?

there isnt really a certain age where its ok to kiss your boyfriend. If you wana kiss him and you feel that your ready. Go for it!Pretty much any age above 6th grade. Theres nothing really wrong with kissing. But tongue kissing is a whole different story.So if yur above tha age of 12, and yu have good feelings for him. You shuld do it.(:

Is kissing my boyfriend at the age of 10 ok?

it's ok to just do a little peck or a kiss on the cheek,but you shouldent do a full on kiss.

Is it ok for your girlfriend to kiss other man on the lips when she says goodbye?

Is it right for your girlfriend to kiss other man on the lips when she says good bye? In: Uncategorized [Edit categories]

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