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Yea, it's ok and it's completely your choice, if you want to, you can, but you don't have to. Tho, if you want the person to like you back, you should tell them, but be prepared for their reaction. They might like you back or tell you they don't feel that way. Hope this helps :)

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Q: Is it ok to have a crush and never tell anyone about it?
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What should i do to if i have a crush?

If you are brave enough tell your feelings to them. If you just don't want to or you are not ready, remember its ok to feel and its ok to let your heart roam about. You may get hurt, but your heart is STRONG. Feel free to be attracted to anyone you please, girl,boy,christian,jew,black person,white person...anyone!! Don't try and put a leash on your feelings... It'll hurt more. If you have a friend you can trust, tell them about this crush. If the crush IS your friend, tell another or keep it to yourself. Good luck!

Is it ok to tell your crush you like them by answering a question on WikiAnswers if you know she asked the question?


Is it okay to hate Brazilians?

no, it is never OK to hate anyone.

Who has a crush on you at school?

i dunna LOL<3 won't tell:)OK! a boy named Jack Muranty-WIlkinson

I am stuck writing the pledge for my best friend's club what should she write?

It depends what type of club it is. I had a club with my friends and it was a crush club. This was our pledge: If we tell all our crushes we like them, it will be ok. We will see if they like us, and if they don't, that's ok. We promise not to tell anyone about our crushes except for eachother. May all crushes be safe. Macy Fiek (16)

Is it ok to tell your crush that you like him when your in the 7th grade?

It's okay to express your feelings for your crush, but be prepared for any outcome. Just be yourself and be honest about your feelings if you feel ready to share them. Remember to respect their feelings, too.

Is it ok for you to love someone who is in love with his ex?

It's ok to love anyone irrespective who they love. You should tell them the way you feel.

Why do some guy friends fall in love with you?

OK, this is hard to tell you but you may remind him of his crush or of his ex-girlfriend. From: C.A. Cupid

Hi nick my name lateasha and I am 16?

ok do you have a crush on nick Jonas cause if you go on my twitter and i can tell how to meet him in person.

What if you call a guy cute but you don't have a crush?

Well... from experience just tell. Say " hey ( insert name) i think your really cute" Ive done that many time JUST TELL HIM!!! Its OK to think guys are cute with out having a crush its perfectly fine

How do you tell if your crush likes someone?

Ok, there are many approaches to this. 1:send them an anonymous email 2:have a friend say a bunch of names to them and if your crush is stupid he/she's eyes will get big when your friend mentions your name

How do you get the girl of your dreams?

OK first she has to be real and if you like her tell her you never know what she will say.