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Glad you asked! Alot of people have this problem and it's no big deal. If you have a boyfriend, who you know you can trust and you trust him, than it wont be a problem if you have a mini crush on another male. People, men and women, can have some difficulty when having deep feelings with two different people. There is no law or rule against having feelings towards two different people, you just need to make up your mind and choose the right man. Or you can take the easy way out and not be in a relationship with either person, which wont leave you feeling guilty and wondering if you have made the right decision. So yes, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with having a crush while in a relationship. It's up to you...

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Q: Is it ok to have a boyfriend and a crush on another person?
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Is it ok to hang out with an old crush even if you have a boyfriend?


How It is ok if your boyfriend still like his crush?

Yes it is ok... (if you meen as in like as a friend) If he like likes her then hes not that into you. sorry.

Is it OK to have a crush when you are ten?

Yes. You could even be her/his boyfriend/girlfriend until you grow up.

Is it ok to hang with someone your boyfriend hates?

Answer It's ok if you don't want to keep your boyfriend. If he hates that person, why would you hang with this other person?

What should i do to if i have a crush?

If you are brave enough tell your feelings to them. If you just don't want to or you are not ready, remember its ok to feel and its ok to let your heart roam about. You may get hurt, but your heart is STRONG. Feel free to be attracted to anyone you please, girl,boy,christian,jew,black person,white person...anyone!! Don't try and put a leash on your feelings... It'll hurt more. If you have a friend you can trust, tell them about this crush. If the crush IS your friend, tell another or keep it to yourself. Good luck!

How do ou get a boyfriend?

ok tough but you have to be sure that your soul is confident that you want the right person and your heart know that you want the right person.

Is it ok to have a crush on someone else and already be in a relationship?

Well what I think is if you have a relationship with someone that that person is the only person you like and have feelings for. But if you do have a crush on someone dont act on it, or talk to the person you are in a relationship and tell him/her what you are feeling and see what they say...But its best to forget about the crush because you are in a relationship. But if you dont want to be in the relationship you are in then break up with the person in a kind way and then go for your crush, but to tell you the truth I would stay with the person your in the relationship with because the person you have a crush on might not like you back and then you lose the person you were dating and the person you liked, so you could basically lose both of them.

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Should A fourteen year old girl break up with her boyfriend because he has a crush on another girl?

Ok well if he has a crush on someone else and hes totally googoogaagaa over HER not YOU then yes but if he still hangs with you but crushes on her then no. How serious is this crush? I would say that since you are so young, you might as well break up with him if he is "straying" from you even mentally or emotionally. Save yourself the trouble. Plus, at 14 it's not like you will be with him forever anyway.

If your bi is it okay to have a crush on a girl who already has a boyfriend?

ppl have crushes on other ppl who are taken its ok just don't flirt with her she is already taken try to move on to somebody who isn't

How can a 10 year old girl can get a boyfriend?

Well, 10 is very young... so I wouldn’t recommend it. But if your parents are ok with it, be kind, considerate, funny, and fun to hang out with around your crush.