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some people think that its wrong but its not to me if you really love him then do it but if you two never ever talked about getting married before and your wondering why he hasn't propsed to you then maybe you should talk about it first beCAUSE PROBALY THE MAIN REASON WHY HE HASNT ASKED TO MARRY YOU.AND DONT BE ASHAMED BY ASKING.on tv shows they always make the man propose but the man cant always do evythin first sometimes you have to make the move. :)))

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Q: Is it ok for a girl to propose to her boyfriend?
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How to propose a girl who has already a boyfriend?

You can't.

When you propose a girl and she say its friendship what does it means?

She thinks of you as a friend, not boyfriend or husband.

In sims complete Collection if you are a girl and have a computer player as your boyfriend how can you get married if only boys can propose?

aks the computer player guy to move in with your girl sim and then have the now controllable guy propose to her.

Is it ok for a 15 year old girl who has a baby move in with her boyfriend?

no no

What does it mean if a girl propose to a guy then he answers -ok?

You probably just caught him off guard and he didnt know what to say...

Is it ok for a thirteen year old girl to have a thirteen year old boyfriend?

Of course.

Can a 17 yr old girl move in with her boyfriend in Colorado?

if her parents say its ok

Is it ok for a girl to have a buzz cut?

Yes its absolutely fine I have one and my boyfriend loves it

What is the name of the movie about a girl who boyfriend is cheating on her but she wont leave him?

ok there is many movies that have that

Why do only a boy has to propose a girl?

The girl can propose too. My mom did to my dad

Is it ok for a 12 yr old girl to push her boyfriend down get on top of him and kiss him?

I guess?

How do you propose on Movie Star Planet?

You can not propose, technically, however, you can become boyfriend and girlfriend. There is a new propose animation that you can use, though.