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Q: Is it normal to rub your privates?
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Are privates ticklish?

A lot!! Lay down, rub it, and it tingles and tickles :)

What are romantic things to do with a boy in bed?

get some body oil and rub him from head to toe. Do not rub his penis as the body rub may lead to intercourse and you do not want his privates oily

What is normal for kids touching privates?

No. It is not normal for kids to touch their private parts. Parental guidance is required.

How does Spain communicate?

Spain comunicates by touching eachothers privates 1 billion time and pulling them they also rub their food on them for extra taste

Should you wear underwear while walking?

Yes you should. If you dont your legs will rub together causing rash or irritation. and your privates will sweat.

Is it normal to sit and scratch your privates while watching v?

only if you touch your balls too

When was Privates on Parade created?

Privates on Parade was created in 1977.

What is your privates in Hebrew?

Your privates = הפרטימ שלך

Why do doctors push your privates?

Doctors do that because some privates are wrong

What is the duration of Buck Privates?

The duration of Buck Privates is 1.4 hours.

When was Buck Privates created?

Buck Privates was created on 1941-01-31.

When was Privates on Parade - film - created?

Privates on Parade - film - was created in 1982.