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no not to me

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Q: Is it normal to have a 24 inch long bowel movement?
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Is More than 4 bowel movements a day normal?

I think the more bowel movements a day the better you will feel, as long as the bowel movement isn't diarrhea.

How long after food poisoning will it take to have a normal bowel movement?

2 to 3 days after have food poisoning.

How long after hysterectomy to have a normal bowel movement?

You should have had a bowel movement prior to leaving the hospital however if they did not make you then you need to drink plenty of water and take a stool softener because the longer you wait the harder it will be to have one.

What is the best way to get mentally prepared for a long poop?

If you believe that you are going to have a bowel movement that may be longer then normal, you may have to get mentally prepared. This may been focusing on breathing during the bowel movement, and concentrating on an object in the room.

Worlds biggest bowel movement?

I had one that was 16 inches long

How long can a person go without a bowel movement?

If a person doesn't have a bowel movement in 3-4 days, something is wrong and it should be checked by a doctor.

How long can an adult go without have a bowel movement?

How long is a piece of string?

How long before a bowel movement after colonoscopy?

How long after a colonoscopy should you have a bowel movement i now have an answer to my own question!i had the procedure monday..i did not have a bowel movenment until friday am! i normally have one each morning, so 4 days had me worried. no constipation; just no BM! all is well now.

What does passed tissue look like in a bowel movement?

Tissue in bowel movements looks sometimes opaque, white or gray. It can also look long and kind of stringy.

Is a bowel movement that is 3 inches round and 5 to 6 inches long okay?

Should be fine as long as you remember to wash

How long is a normal bee.?

a normal bee is about 1 inch mabye a bit less but I'm pretty sure 1 inch.

How long is a normal bumble bee?

a normal bee is about 1 inch mabye a bit less but I'm pretty sure 1 inch.

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