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See a doctor immediately! No, I would not think this is normal. The key here is the pain you feel in your chest.

Awareness of your heartbeat can be a simple(ish) sign of anxiety, or can be due to cardiac causes which are mostly benign. The pain in your chest may also be due to the effects of anxiety, but any chest pain needs to be checked out.

I am a cardiac patient so I know the need to respect the heart and look after it...

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Q: Is it normal to feel your heartbeat when lying down?
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Can you feel a heartbeat in the thumb?

No, typically the pulse and heartbeat are more commonly felt in areas closer to the heart, such as the wrist or neck. If you are feeling a pulse in your thumb, it may be due to pressure or other factors affecting blood flow.

Can you feel a heartbeat through your stomach?

You cannot feel a baby's heartbeat through your stomach, no. If you are feeling this, it is probably your pulse. You can feel this, particularly when lying down, because a main artery runs down the stomach. but when sitting down or standing why can my friend (male) feeel his belly move like a hert beat andwhen putting his hand his stomach why is it like he's thumping hard like heartbeat

Why do i feel a heartbeat in my lower stomach?

The heartbeat you feel in your lower stomach is the abdominal aorta beating and it is perfectly normal.

Is it normal to feel a 2yr olds heartbeat from chest?


Do you feel heartbeat?

What heartbeat :l

What does it mean if you feel your heartbeat in the middle of your chest?

That means nothing.Its normal most part of your heart is at the center only.

Is it normal to see a heartbeat in your stomach?

yes, this is normal. sometimes your heart beat is so strong or that your body is very still that you can feel the beat.

Is it normal to feel a heartbeat in your stomache?

It is not normal :) I would think if you are not nine months pregnant now.. it is probably a uterine twich of some sort that you are feeling or your own pulse which you can feel when pressing down on your uterine area. I wondered the same thing myself when I was pregnant and I found out it was actually my own heartbeat I was hearing. I thought that was strange because it was coming from my tummy but its referred noise from your heart and causes a echo in your tummy - hence it sounding like a heartbeat.

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