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Q: Is it normal to feel sick after your first time?
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Im not felling sick and im six week pregnant is this normal?

It is completely normal to not feel sick. I have two children and didn't get sick at all with my first, not so lucky the second time around. Don't worry and enjoy this special time. You are the envy of many women in your shoes...good luck!

Is it normal to feel sick or nauseous after taking misoprostol?

It is normal to feel sick to your stomach, have diarrhea, chills, or even feel like you have a fever during this time. Most women report they know when they have passed the pregnancy because the bleeding slows down, and they start to feel much better. To know more about misoprostol and its use visit

Do you feel sick after kissing?

You should not feel sick after kissing. The only time you would feel sick is if the person you kissed was sick and passed germs on to you. However, you would not feel sick right away.

You lost your virginity and you are really swollen down below and feel sick in your stomach is this normal?

if you had a hell of a time no, but if your depressed than yes

Is it normal to feel sick like 2 days after smoking pot for the first time?

Yes some times if you are not use to it, then again I never did, you may be allergic to it also, be of my friends found out he was. Made him sick for 2 t o 3 d a us after he smoked it. He decided to quit.

Should your first kiss be normal or makeout?

All depends on the moment and how you feel at the time :)

Had unprotected sex well your stomach is hurting at the bottom and you feel sick when you eat and this was also your first time what does this means?

You are pregnant!

What is it called when you feel sick then hungry?

Some people feel slightly sick or nauseated if they have not eaten on time. It's very common. Also, otherwise healthy people can have temporary drops in blood glucose. Eating a balanced meal helps bring blood sugar back within normal range.

Why do you feel sick and dizzey all the time?

it could be related to tiredness

Should you be embarrassed to show your nipples?

It is normal to feel embarrassed for you first time, but if you trust the person you are showing then it shouldn't matter!

What do jls like to do in their spare time?

They are just normal people, Oritse looks after his sick mum with M.S and his sick sister.

How do you tell your parent you got your period?

Tell them you got your period for the first time. Simple as that (y) It happens to every girl and is as normal as getting sick or whatever