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Well . . . I'm missing a knuckle on my ring finger, it functions normally. My ring finger is shorter than my index finger and it's shorter Than the ring finger on my right hand. If you have the same prob I can tell you why. Your finger is shorter because you have a knuckle, it's just pushed back into your hand. Look real close. Plus my finger is just a little fatter than the other finger.

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Q: Is it normal to be missing a knuckle on your ring finger?
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Can you loose your knuckle?

I'm missing a knuckle on my left hand, it's my ring finger. One day I put my hand into a fist and I noticed there was no knuckle. My hands functions normally but there's just a gap where my knuckle is supposed to be. Also when I put my hands together the ring finger is shorter than the ring finger on my right hand. I've never hurt my hand before!

If a ring gets stuck on your finger how do you get it of?

wet your hand and apply lot of soap on your finger. the ring will slip through your finger due to the soap. The best way to get a ring off is to use Windex glass cleaner. Spray it on the finger around the ring and knuckle and just twist it back and forth while working it down and over the knuckle. Works every time. This is great if you have arthritic knuckles that tend to swell but you never know when.

If an man wears a ring on his middle finder is that a sign he is gay?

no, the man could be gay but maybe his ring doesnt fit another finger or maybe he prfers that finger to wear it on,,,, or he could be missing a finger....

Is there a ring setting that looks like a woman's hand?

Yes there is. the hand is about 1 inch and pointer finger is directly over knuckle with a small diamond

What does it mean if your middle finger is longer than your ring finger?

It means you are perfectly normal. Everybody's hands are like that.

What is meant when some one spray paints a yellow hand with the ring finger missing?

simple! DIVORCE

Is there any significance in a female wearing a knuckle ring as in between the first and second knuckle?

There is no significance to a female wearing a knuckle ring. It's just a style statement.

Is there a vein in your ring finger on left hand?

yes there is. It's completely normal.

How do you get a ring that is stuck on your finger off?

Put it in cold water, it will shrink your finger if it is swollen at all.Make sure you are wiggling the ring as you try to take it off. Put some lotion on your hand and try again- this will make your finger and the ring slipperier.If you cannot get the ring off, it means that your finger has gotten larger or the ring has gotten smaller. Think about where you were when you put the ring on. Possibly you have moved to a drastically colder place, causing the metal to contract. If this is the case, try to warm your hand up. Possibly you moved to a drastically warmer place, causing you to sweat, and your fingers to swell a little bit. If this is the case, try to cool your hand down.One method is to work a piece of string under the ring, the long end toward the end of your finger and the short end, enough to get a good grip on toward the knuckle. Then wrap the long end around and around your finger tightly past the first knuckle, the one you can't get past. Pulling on the short end of the string toward the end of the finger should unwind the string as if it was coming off a spool of thread. This circular motion will walk the ring up the finger and over the knuckle to freedom.How to Remove a Ring That's Stuck on a Finger?Maybe that ring's been on your finger for a mighty long time. Or perhaps the hot weather has caused your fingers to swell. Here's how to ease a ring off.InstructionsSoak your hand in ice-cold water if it is swollen. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the swelling to recede.Apply lubricant around the ring and up the length of your finger. Hand lotion, dishwashing liquid or olive oil will do the trick.Twist the ring as you slowly work it up and over the knuckle. You may need to apply some force to get it over the first knuckle. Make sure to twist, not tug.If the ring still won't budge, visit a doctor to have it removed.Tips & WarningsIf you're experiencing swelling from an injury, it is important to remove any rings before the swelling worsens, because the rings might cut off the finger's blood supply.(}

How do you get your engagement ring to fit Its a size 7 which it fits on your finger really loose and it is any tighter it wouldn't go over your knuckle?

Take the ring to a professional jeweler. They can insert a small band that makes the ring fit more snugly; they will need to see the ring and size it while on your finger. Don't forget to allow a little room for swelling on hot days.

What have ring but no finger?

A telephone has a ring and no finger. ??

What have a ring but no finger?

A telephone has a ring and no finger. ??