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its never supposed to bleed and if they do your stupid

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Q: Is it normal for your ears to bleed when you stretch them out with plugs?
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Can you stretch your ears with stone plugs?


Do fake plugs strech your ears?

Yes "The Wildcat Collection" in England manufactures custom plugs for those who don't wish to stretch there ear lobes.

What is the highest gauge you can stretch your ears first?

One gauge, and one gauge only. If you cheat and stretch more than the next gauge you will damage the tissue, once it's damaged it will not return to normal when the plugs are removed.

What happens when you stretch your ears out?

by experiences , they go back to normal (:

Is it normal for your ears to bleed while stretching?

No. You should go to a doctor and get that checked out.

What is scar tissue for stretched ears and what does it look like?

scar tissue is when you stretch your ears, it makes a scar because you are stretching them. if you let your ears close up, they say that because of all the stretching and scarring, that your earing holes will look like little cat butts. **Scar tissue is formed when ears are stretched too quickly and they tear. Scars forms over the wounds and scar tissue doesn't stretch well so it'll stop you from stretching at some point. Your ears only look like cat butts if you stretch them too quickly. If you're responsible with stretching, they'll heal up nice and smooth and they'll be even if you use plugs to stretch down.

What causes ears to bleed?

The ears may bleed because of an ear infection. A ruptured or perforated eardrum may also cause bleeding and drainage.

What would cause the nose and ears to bleed Can strep throat cause your nose and ears to bleed?

It is not strep throat. A doctor will need to diagnose your condition.

Is it safe to stretch your ears when you have a blowout?

No it isn't.

If ears have poped will it bleed?

no if you have poped your eardrum maybe.

Do earrings stretch your ears?

only if their really big

Do gauged ears close?

Depends on how big you stretch to.