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well no, not really normal...kida kinky though, just cause something isn't "normal" doesnt mean its wrong or bad or just means not alot of people do it...sniff her panties, they usually smell really good

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Q: Is it normal for my girlfriend to like sniffing her own panties?
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Is normal sniffing panties?

its not really normal you dont have to be horny or gay to sniff panties i do it i even wear then cus its just clothing its not illegal to sniff em or wear em if your a boy

Why do I like to smell dirty panties?

It is totally normal, a lot of people do this

Are you normal if you like to poop your panties?

Well, it is just a fetish, and plenty of normal people have some type of strange fetish, so yes.

If you are 12 and wear a size seven women panies is that normal?

That depends. Panties have spandex in them which makes them hug your hips, so they aren't loose on your body. Pants aren't stretchy like panties which requires a bigger size and a belt, so it can be normal but that's more of a personal opinion.

What if you i like to wear panties am a guy is that normal am 17 staight.?

75% of men wear or have worn panties, nothing wrong with it at all, can you handle the hassle when friends and family find out? i wear panties everyday as i find they fit better and are more comfortable, i do wear mens undies if going to the docs or undressing in public though, i say if you like to wear panties and are ok with it then go ahead and enjoy them, i love mine and have 120 pairs

What if on all your panties there are bleach stains in the crotch area after wearing them What does this mean?

It means your vagina has discharged onto the panties and the discharge is acidic (which is normal). The acidic discharge dissolves the die in the crotch area giving it an appearance similar to what it would look like after putting bleach on it. If you continue wearing these panties and it discharges more, it can actually eat holes into the panties. No moths, just a discharging vagina.

I am a 15 year old boy and love to wear panties I like the ones that give me a wedgie is that normal?

No it's not normal as in all boys do but it is normal if it feels normal to you it's like cross dressing and your not the first boy to do it, the subject of cross dressing is far to difficult for me to explain but you should research it on the internet to really know what you are doing.

Is it OK to like wearing panties?


Is it normal to feel like a part of me is missing when im not around my girlfriend?

if you love her very very much

Should I tell my girlfriend I am wearing a pair of panties?

if you do not when she reaches in you will have a lot to explain. but go slow and get to the point slowly. Be prepaired she may not take it well but guess what if you like them you have to or you will end up screwing things up

What kind of panties do you like?

i like biini style and boy shorts.

Why some girls like wear no bra or panties with clothes?

Many women don't want to have the restrained feeling bras and panties can have.