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Not particularly, unless on steroids.

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Q: Is it normal for girls to grow chest hair?
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Will hair grow for girls bitween arm and chest?

Yes and no.It depends on the genes.But it is normal in most cases.

Why do some women grow hair on there chest?

Just because some girls have more hair then others but they don't alot but some girls do

Is it normal to grow hair on your chest at 14?

Congratulations! Your ptuitary gland is in action! It is normal to start growing hair as early as 12. You have started puberty

Do Asian girls grow underarm hair?

yes, that normal just like all the girls in the word.

What puts hair on your chest?

your naturally grow hair on your chest if your a male and for a female i dont know

Are hairy nipples normal?

Yes hairy nipples are normal for Men... but for girls they usually dont grow hair around the nipples.

Do girls like trimming chest hair?

They, LOVE it. Most girls spend six to seven hours every day trimming chest hair.

What foods will stimulate hair growth on my chest?

None; chest hair and body hair are determined by genetics and age and by nothing else. If the adult men in your family have chest hair, then you probably will get some too--though in many men chest hair doesn't grow in, or grow in fully, until their 30s.

Does burned pumpkin seed's give your chest hair?

NO burned pumpkin seeds do not give you chest hair because if a girl ate it or put it on her body she wouldn't get hair on chest because girls dont get chest hair

Do men in their sixties grow chest hair?


Can woman have chest hair?

yeah, it's normal.

If you wax the hair on your chest will it grow back?

Yes, any body hair you wax will eventually grow back.