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From the viewpoint of sexual issues it is not normal. From the viewpoint of any health disturbance, it is normal. Stress, worryings, and other psychological perturbations may cause a lack of sexual interest, which is normal and transitory.

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Q: Is it normal for a straight guy to not be currently interested in girls?
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How do girls look at girls they like?

Most boys will look straight at you and look interested in what you are saying.

Is it normal to not be interested in guys I'm want to date and I'm not gay so why am i not interested in boys?

Yes it is perfectly normal some girls do not like dating or are simply interested in the oppisite sex

Is it normal for a male to fantasize about another male. I am 13 and I am straight and think about girls but sometimes I find myself thinking about guys. Is this normal?

Yes, straight or gay it is all normal.

How do boys look at girls they like?

Most boys will look straight at you and look interested in what you are saying.

Can you be a 'cool' teenage girl if you're not interested in boys and you're a straight-A student?

Yes, many girls do so.

Is Justin Bieber crazy for girls?

That remains to be seen. Though, since it seems he is straight, and he is 15 years old, he is probably interested in girls but is not necessarily crazy for them.

Dose Ashlee Sinpson like girls?

Ashlee Simpson is currently engaged to Evan Ross, and has been noted as being straight. From this, it can be deduced that she does not like girls.

How do you as a girl out?

Flirt a little with the girl herself, so she knows your interested, then straight up ask her. Girls respect that kind of thing.

Why are some girls interested in engineering?

Because, like men, women have passions. And if a girl is into engineering, it's completely normal.

How do you hit to girls that you are interested in them if you are a girl too?

i would flatter her more often than just a normal friend would

Why would a straight guy not be interested in dating girls?

It could be possible you are an asexual, which means you don't feel sexually attracted to any gender.

What do girls look for a guy online?

Someone that does not send them messages about wanting to just have sex with them; straight women prefer messages from straight men that seem genuinely interested in their personality over their looks.