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But seriously: No, definitely not normal. Go see a doctor now.

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Q: Is it normal for a person to be throwing up fro four days straight?
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Is it normal to bleed for fifteen days straight?

ok. um. im no doctor, but if youre bleeding for fifteen days straight, i suprised you are still breathing. that's a large amount of blood loss. anyway , you should see a doctor. so yea. its not normal to bleed fifteen days straight.

What if you eat only fruit for 3 days straight do you lose weight?

If a person were to eat fruit for three days straight, they may lose weight. They may not, it depend on the person calorie intake, and their metabolism.

Can dogs eat chorizo?

No dogs CAN NOT eat that chorizo because it is bad for them. They will throw up for a coupe of days and Throwing Up, is not normal for dogs.

Is it normal for a 15 year old girl to be on her period for 7 days straight?

yes hunny xx

Is it normal to only have your period 2 and half days?

it varies by person, we are all unique

I have taken much more than normal over the last 4 days straight. How many days of taking 4mg of xanax in a row would cause a physical addiction?


Why is your dog throwing up blood 3 days after being spayed?

This is NOT normal, so get her back into the Veterinarian who spayed her or any Vet who can see her immediately. Do not put this off or you will have a dead dog.

Is it normal to have your period for 3 days straight have it stop for a bit then come back the same day?

It sounds normal to me. Probably just a break in the flow for some reason. If you were in water or something like that.

Will a person die of starvation in 5 days?

No. A normal fit and healthy person can easily go without food for 4 weeks

Is there something wrong if you get very heavy periods along with large chunky blood clot looking stuff for 7 days straight?

Nothing wrong it is totally normal it is just the lining if uterus but if it is the size of a quarter go see a doctor but 7 days straight I am not sure

Why is a Terminal cancer person throwing up green vomit?

it is bile often when they have liver cancer this shows up.... and is present in the last days before death... my mom died two days after she started vomiting a greenish color....

Does a normal year have 365 days?

No, a normal year is 365.25 days.