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I would say 5 years constitutes way more than a mere crush. You should try hitting on him. It depends on how strong your feelings are towards him. Even though it's been a long time, it can still be just a crush.

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Crush. Because u cant fall in love until you have been with a person for a while.

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Q: Is it love or a crush if you like a guy for 5 years?
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Is a woman who has a crush on a man for two years does it sound like she maybe in love with the guy?

In asking this question you have already answered it, when you are in love you will never need to question it! Adam :)

How to impress your guy friend--crush of 5 years like you?

by being yourself....

What does it mean to like a guy?

it means you have a crush on him. its saying you like him because u cant love a guy intill your his girlfriend. Example i have a crush is to long so i like this new kid in my school and im helping him around and hope to say i love him to everyone in school.

If the guy you really like has a girlfriend what should you do ps- you really like this guy and had a crush on him for 2 years?

He has a girlfriend. So you butt out. It's not complicated.

What does it mean when a guy has liked you over more than 3 years?

He's got a mad crush on you. I've had a mad crush like this for someone for almost four years

How do I show my shy crush that I do not like another guy?

I love you and then say just kidden and no home then kiss and make out

How do you make a guy have nice feelings toward you?

i just came out of having the biggest crush of my life. i honestly thought i was in love, well my crush's best friend told me that my crush didnt like me because i was to desperate. that is one thing you shouldn't do it scares guys, if you are young don't tell your crush "i think i am in love with you" right away.AnswerYou can't make someone like you, they will either like you or not, and it is best not to push it. Just be friends with this guy, appreciate him for who he is, instead of who you would like him to be.

There is a guy you like your heart melts and your stoumach flips when you talk to him or see his face are you in love or do you just have a crush you cant tell the difference?

could be eather or. ask him out. mabe its true love waiting to happen. crush; well it could be just a crush. ask him out.

You are 11 years old and you have a crush on a guy who is 13 is he to old for you?

I don't think so... I dont want to believe that It was love at first sight

Can a guy or girl be in love one day and not in love the next day?

It can happen if it was a "crush" and not true love.

What to do if a girl has crush on you and you are a Muslim guy?

if you like her back then get to know her and ask her out

Who do you get over a crush?

don't think about him or her! try to find someone else. when i had a crush i would just try. i know it's hard but you need to stay strong when you have something that feels like love. you think it's love when it's not and then BAM!!!!!!!! your over the guy. was he close to you and did you really like him? why did you break the crush? did he find someone else?