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No that's not true because promiscuous women usually continue on with this behavior. Many people think that women that hop from bed-to-bed with any guy aren't worth the skin she's in, but, studies have proven that these women are hurting inside and looking for true love (a love of a parent in many cases) all in the wrong places. They simply want to feel loved and if it means by different men then that's what they feel they get at the moment. The mind is a mystery and we are all different. Your mate may have reasons for not being as highly sexual as you would like and if you can't sit down and communicate with each other then it's time to walk away. Communication is the most important thing in each of our lives and saves a lot of pain in the long-run. Take the time out and try to find out why she is this way.

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Q: Is it likely that a woman was promiscuous before a relationship if she is not very sexual while in a relationship?
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What does 'promiscuous' mean?

having many indiscriminate or casual sexual relationships

Do you agree to enter Sexual relationship before marriage?

No I don't

Can bestfriends have a sexual relationship?

Yes, but they will most likely murder their parents as a result.

How can one be promiscuous without knowing?

One can be promiscuous without knowing by having a series of sexual relationships with a number of people, which other people do not like or agree with.

Does a sexual double standar still exist?

Yes, sexual double standards still exist when it comes to sexuality. Women are still considered sluts if sexually promiscuous whereas men are still considered studs if they are sexually promiscuous.

How do you identify a nymphomania girl?

You can not, a woman may be sexually promiscuous without having a sexual disorder.

How long before a relationship should turn sexual?

after you have sex the first time

What does promiscuouc mean?

Promiscuous means transient sexual relationships. One night stands and many sexual partners is part of this life style.

How are sluts and prostitutes different?

== == "Sluts" applies to promiscuous women. "Prostitutes" are women who are paid for sexual acts.

How do you spell promiscruos?

The word "promiscuous" means indiscriminate or casual, and is commonly applied to someone with many sexual relationships.

What makes a woman considered sexually promiscuous?

Sexual promiscuity is defined as having multiple sexual partners. Or in slang terms such as "slappa" and "hoe-bag" may be used.

What does promiscuos mean?

Somebody who is promiscuous is somebody that is generous and free with sexual favours, someone who sleeps around so to speak.

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