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Q: Is it important to look good or not?
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How important is good grooming in the development of pleasing personality?

its important because it makes you look good

Why are cooking methods important?

To make your food look good and taste good.

Why is good lighting important in the kitchen?

its makes everything look shiney and good looking.

Why is fitness important to everyone?

Every one wants to look good

What background information about a player is important for a coach?

Usually what coaches look for in a good soccer player is good skills, good footwork, goot sportmanship, good team work, and most important a good school life. They look for to see if they are doing good in their schoolwork, and following the rules on and off the field.

When someone is looking to buy a used car what is important to look for?

It is important to look at certain features of the car, such as the tires and engine. The paint job is also a good indicator of what condition the car is in. It is also good to look under the hood for rust and damaged parts.

Why is presentation important?

because it makes ur work look good and nice

What should i look for in an idol?

there are many things you should look for. some things that are important to me include good character, good values, talents, morals, and generosity

What is the most important attribute a woman looks for in a husband?

The most important attribute that a woman looks for in a husband is somewhat a matter of opinion. A woman might look for a husband who shares her interests or her ideas. She might also look for a husband who is a good father or a good provider.

Why is it important to look for a safe location to live?

It is important to look for a safe location to live for a better quality of life. Living in a good location is essential. You would never want to compromise the safety of you and your family.

How are government important to Ancient Egypt?

they look over the laws the pharaoh wants and they pick good laws for the country .

How will you accept these changes in puberty?

You have to look at the changes in a positive light. They are the important and good changes that are taaking place in your body.