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Marijuana and its seeds are illegal in every state under existing federal law.

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2010-08-07 03:21:49
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Q: Is it illegal in Michigan to buy marijuana seeds?
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Is it illegal to purchase marijuana seeds off internet in Michigan?

yes its illegial to buy marigauna anywhere

Is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds in Tennessee?

Yes, buying marijuana seeds in Tennessee is highly illegal, and you could go to jail for it.

Is it illegal to purchase Marijuana seeds from the internet and send them to a country that marijuana is banned?

Yes, marijuana is illegal most all over the world. If you live in a country where it is illegal, it is illegal to have the seeds there. Most sites where you buy seeds disguise the purchase as other purchases. Then again, it's illegal to buy seeds anywhere in the world except a few exceptions.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds from the internet?

If it is illegal to have mariujana seeds in either the place you are buying from or where you are, no, it is illegal. If both regions permit the sale and possession of seeds then you are fine.

Is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds in AZ?

yes, it is illegal to buy them everywhere unless you have a medical growing card. I do not know if a medical card would allow you to buy seeds but i doubt it. under federal law it's illegal everywhere.

Is it legal to posses marijuana seeds?

Yes. You can buy them online. It's just illegal to grow them.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seed in Michigan?


Is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds in Canada?

no it is not however as you know is is illegal to grow them and if you do purchase them it would give the police reason to search your house unless your smart and you grow them in the wilderness :)

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Tennessee?

yes it is

Can you buy marijuana in California?

Possible: Yes, it is possible to buy marijuana in California. State laws: Yes. Technically, buying marijuana is not illegal at the state level, but possession without a medical permit is still illegal.

Can a marijuana caregiver buy marijuana seeds?

If your talking about the legality... Just like with all things Medical Marijuana. Its a conflict. You can legally by seeds just like marijuana, if your legal in your state. Under Federal law its still illegal. Its still schedule one. Until its droped it from schedule one their is still some risk. I guess it depends on who's trying to arrest you :/

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Texas?

No. That would be considered intent to distribute.

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