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Q: Is it illegal for a 16 year old girl to date and kiss a 23 year old man if they don't have any type of intercourse in the state of Alaska?
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Is it illegal for a 15 year old female to date a 19 year old male in the state of Illinois even with no sexual intercourse or intimacy?

Dating is not illegal. Sex between those two is illegal and prosecutable.

What date was Alaska established?

Alaska became a state in 1959

Is it against the law for a 17 year old boy to date a 14 year old girl?

it isn't illegal to date, but it is illegal to have sexual intercourse.

In the state of Ohio is it illegal for a 22 year old guy to date a 17 year old girl?

There is nothing illegal about dating at any age. They can even engage in sexual intercourse without breaking the law.

What state is near the International Date Line?

ALASKA because some of alaska touchs the date line

Which state is closest to the International date line?

Alaska is.

Is it illegal to leave the state of Virginia with a pending court date?

Unless there is some information that the questioner does not disclose - no - as long as you return to the state and appear for your court date, it is not illegal to leave the state with a pending court date.

What U.S. state is the closest to the international date line?

It is Alaska.

What U.S. State is closest to the international date line?

It is Alaska.

When was Alaska declared an official state?

January 3rd, 1959 was the official date for Alaska Statehood. That is when it became the 49th state in the USA

Is it legal for a 18 year old boy to date a 14 year old girl?

yes it is but it woulf be illegal if you had intercourse.

What date when Alaska join the Union?

Alaska became US territory in 1867, and was made a state in 1959