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Oh dear, its not harmful at all. Its actually normal, every once in a while the position you sleep more will numb the part of your body; such as arms are very common, but legs are too. If you don't want to have that happen, you could try sleep with your back on the bottom. Side sleeping can stop the blood running throughout the part you are flattening.

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Q: Is it harmful if your arms fall asleep constantly when you sleep?
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Morpheus the god of sleep. In his arms your sleep is deep and sweet.

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The expression "In the arms of Morpheus" means to be asleep or to dream. In Greek mythology, Morpheus was the God of Dreams and the son of Somnus, the God of Sleep. To be in his arms, is to be asleep.

What causes arms to go up in sleep?

The restriction of blood to your arm will cause you numbness (to fall asleep). This happens when something is pushing on your veins, either your muscles or for example if you fall asleep on it.

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What causes numbness in arms while asleep?

That could easily be caused by the way you sleep. If you're applying pressure to your arms you can cut off the circulation, putting them "to sleep" so to speak. Although, it might not be a bad idea to talk to a doctor, as numbing of any sort could be a sign of nerve damage.

How do you prevent sleep paralysis?

Don't fall asleep on your back, or don't start to fall asleep. You will know if you are about to experience a sleep paralysis episode when you start to here an annoying loud sound, or a sound repeating itself over and over again, immediately move you legs or you arms, and that should get you out of it before it happens, then stand up walk around then go back to sleep on your side.

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Why do your arms go to sleep at night?

your arms go sleep because they need rest from writing at school and moving about

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