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Yes, as long as your other tube isn't damaged.

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Yes, definitely.

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Yes it is

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Q: Is it harder to get pregnant with one fallopean tube?
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My 14 year old daughter had an ovary and tube removed can she still have kids later on in life?

* Yes, you daughter can still get pregnant, but since each ovary takes turns releasing an egg she may have a harder time getting pregnant (although many young women don't.) Please click on this link for more information:

Is pregnancy possible if only right fallopian tube is functional?

Yes, you can get pregnant with just one tube. Having one tube decreases fertility, but not by half.

Can you get pregnant after having one tube tied and the other is fine?

Yes, you can.

Is it possible to get pregnant when your tubes have been tied since 2000?

Can you get Pregnant with only one tube one ovary and being tied?

Can you get pregnant when the man spread a little sperm cell?

Yes you can, it might be harder to get pregnant but it only takes one little sperm

What are the odds of a women with one tube and ovary of getting pregnant?

The loss of one ovary reduces fertility only by about 50%.

Is it possible to be pregnant with twins but one baby is in the tube?

Yes. If you think this is the case, talk to a doctor, and get an ultrasound.Anymore than 3 months into the pregnancy, and chances are, if there was one, it would have burst the fallopian tube already.

Can you get pregnant after having a tube tie and the other removed with the ovaries and if so how?

If both ovaries were removed then no you can not get pregnant. However if one ovary remains (even with the tube to it tied) there is a remote possibility that you could become pregnant. This is because the body is a dynamic structure and sometimes this leads to unexpected things happening. No form of contraception is 100% certain.

How long does it take for fallopian tubes to grow back?

If your tube was removed with the ectopic pregnancy it won't grow back. You should still be able to get pregnant via your other tube but if that wasn't an option, IVF would be available to you to get pregnant.

Is there a glenfield model 30 not 30a?

Yes, I have one. The difference as far as I can tell is it has a lower capacity cartridge tube. Also they are harder to find than the 30A.

If i got my tubes tied and there going to take out one tube can you get pregnant?

No Because You Wont ave Enough Tubes To Have The Support For Your Baby.

Had clamps done nearly five years ago only have right one on Can you still get pregnant?

While the chance is rare it would be possible to become pregnant if the tube healed, which is what our bodies are designed to do. There are tests your OB/GYN could perform to see if the tube has opened or you could have the clamp replaced.