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Yes it is

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Q: Is it harder to get pregnant with one fallopean tube?
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Can you still get pregnant with one fallopian tube and two ovaries?

Yes, a woman can get pregnant with one ovary and one fallopian tube, as long as the fallopian tube is attached to a functioning ovary. The one ovary without a fallopian tube can be used for egg retrieval by your doctor, for IVF if need be. But many many woman have successfully gotten pregnant on their own, with one fallopian tube.

Can you get pregnant after having one tube tied and having an ectopic in the other?

If the tube you had a Etopic pregnancy in was not removed then yes you can become pregnant. Otherwise no.

Is pregnancy possible if only right fallopian tube is functional?

Yes, you can get pregnant with just one tube. Having one tube decreases fertility, but not by half.

My 14 year old daughter had an ovary and tube removed can she still have kids later on in life?

* Yes, you daughter can still get pregnant, but since each ovary takes turns releasing an egg she may have a harder time getting pregnant (although many young women don't.) Please click on this link for more information:

Can you get pregnant after having one tube tied and the other is fine?

Yes, you can.

Is it possible to get pregnant when your tubes have been tied since 2000?

Can you get Pregnant with only one tube one ovary and being tied?

What are the chances of getting pregnant with just one fallopian tube?

Chances are good

Can you become pregnant after removing your right tube?

Of course, you still have the left one.

Can you get pregnant when the man spread a little sperm cell?

Yes you can, it might be harder to get pregnant but it only takes one little sperm

What are the chances of getting pregnant after having one tube tied and the other tube clamped?

If the surgery has been done properly it is very, very unlikely that you can get pregnant. Unfortunately it seems that the surgery is sometimes not done properly, as one hears occasional stories of women who do get pregnant.

Can you fall pregnant in one week after having a pap smear?

A pap smear doesn't make it easier or harder to get pregnant. YOu can certainly get pregnant a week after a pap smear.

What are the odds of a women with one tube and ovary of getting pregnant?

The loss of one ovary reduces fertility only by about 50%.

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