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Q: Is it good to take zolfresh for getting sleep?
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What happen if a take 1 zolfresh at a time?

You may get away with it.

What is a good way of getting to sleep?

Sometimes I need to take 10 mg of ambien to help me get to sleep from the hectic day I usually have.

What happens if you take 10 zolfresh tablets at one time?

nothing ecxpecially if you;ve eaten ANYTHING

What vitamins are good to take for getting rid of dark circles under the eyes?

Just use concealer, or get more sleep

Why is cinthia tall?

just sleep,take showers,sleep at a good time,.

What is A easy way to sleep?

Depending on your age, if you are having trouble sleeping as long as your health is good and your getting enough exercise take a Benedryl before bedtime. Or take a walk before bedtime.

How you sleep?

make your body tired,and take some fresh air deep into your lungs then go to bed you will get good sleep

Do you sleep better if you take a shower before bed?

if you really need it then you can have but it dose make you awake more it might take you awhile to go to sleep so I say no it not a good idea

What are some good ways to get to sleep without having to take medication?

Herbal Nytol

How long willl it take to get the bags under your eyes to go away?

after a good nights sleep

What time should does tomorrows take that concert start?

Early, so get a good night's sleep.

How everybody is always tired?

We seem to value being busy more than being healthy, so we don't let ourselves get enough sleep choosing to fill our time with other things. Some people oddly take it as a sign of strength to be overtired, as if getting a good night's sleep were a sign of laziness or poor moral character. Also, not eating healthy foods and getting enough vitamins and minerals can make a person feel tired even when they do get enough sleep.