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If your blood sugar is 70, it's a little low but not too bad. Normal range is about 74-106.

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Q: Is it good if your blood sugar is 70?
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Is 70 a good blood glucose level?

A normal blood sugar range is between 70 and 120 mg/dL. Your 70 is on the lower end. It is fine if you have had the test done before you ate in the morning but it is too low if you have been eating.

what is good blood sugar level?

what is a good sugar level

How do I know what a good sugar level is for me?

The maximum your blood sugar level should be between 70 and 140mg/dl depending on how recently you consumed food. If you have concerns you should visit your doctor or get a blood test done to determine your level.

What is a good blood sugar?

what is a good blood sugsr level?

What is a good blood sugar in the morning when you wake up?


What is the range of sugar in healthy man?

The normal blood sugar levels are between 70 and 150 mg

what does a diabetes blood test for?

The diabetes blood test tests for you blood glucose. Which is you blood sugar level. Normal blood sugar level is usually between 70 and 100 milligrams per deciliter.

is 120 over 70 and good blood pressure range?

is 120 over 70 a good blood pressure range

What is main blood sugar in the body?

The average blood sugar for an adult is 70-110. For kids 1-10 it should be about 80-180. For preteens and teens it could be either, the hormones change the blood sugar.

what is a good blood sugar lervel ?

what is a good blood sugsr level?

How does a blood sugar chart look?

A blood sugar level table tells you how high or low your blood sugar is in comparison to the normal amounts of sugar that should be in your system. If your number is higher or lower, it will tell you what course of action needs to be taken, as in whether you should have some orange juice or not. A good table is available on

What does 90mg/dL mean on a blood sugar chart?

A blood glucose measurement determines the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood. A normal blood sugar reading before eating is between 70 to 90mg/dL. Provided you did not have anything to eat prior to the test, your blood sugar level reading is in the normal range.