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Q: Is it common for your girlfriend to sleep with your friends?
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If you have a girlfriend and you have friends with benefits is it cheating when you sleep with them?

Of couse it is; that's just wrong and cold. Cheating is by definiton having sex with someone who is not your partner.

Is it common for a man to want his girlfriend to sleep with other people?

No it's not. He might be feeling guilty about something that would make him think that would help, but if the girlfriend does sleep with other people, he'll get upset or mad. Almost no man would ever want that.

How can you get a girlfriend without asking her out?

You can have friends that are girls without having to enter the dating scene. These are common acquaintances of yours in school or classes ... in this case, it is just a 'friend' and not your 'girlfriend'.

You want your girlfriend to sleep with a friend of mineshe is hesitantis there a reason you feel this way?

Are you looney? Why would you want your girlfriend to sleep with anyone?!

How can you tell if you lost your girlfriend?

if she is cheating on you if she says she wants to be friends if she broke up with you STUPID!!!!!!! use ur common sense

Why does your ex keep trying to sleep with you if he's happy with his new girlfriend?

He may still be trying to sleep with you for only him... he may like to sleep with you.. or maybe he likes you and his new girlfriend..

Who will you sleep with tonight?

Either by myself or with my girlfriend. ;]

What do you do when your boyfriend has a girlfriend but he likes you equally as his girlfriend and you like him but you are good friends with his girlfriend?

have a threesome

What if you have a girlfriend but your friends make fun of you because you dating her?

if there your real friends then they would be supportive of your relationship, and you shouldn't let your friends make fun of you girlfriend. remind them who has the girlfriend around here, And maybe they should get a girlfriend. But if you tell them to stop and they won't then forget them.

Your friends laugh at your girlfriend and laugh at you?

If your friends laugh at you and your girlfriend then don't pay any attention to them, and stick up for your girlfriend. That will make your relationship go farther. And you can also know that if they make fun of you, then there not true friends.

Who is pit bulls girlfriend?

pit bulls girlfriend is my friends sister

Why does your girlfriend treat you so bad when she is with her friends?

she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you