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Q: Is it beaned or beemed when you get hit in the head?
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What does it mean to get beaned?

If you're referring to getting hit by a pitch, it's beaned.

How can you make a sentence with ray?

the sun rays beemed in the window

What are the release dates for Beaned by a Beanshooter - 1916?

Beaned by a Beanshooter - 1916 was released on: USA: 10 March 1916

Who beaned Joe Castle?


What is the result of an errant brushback pitch?

A beaned batter. A Brushback pitch is a pitch that is not meant to hit a batter but to push him away from the plate. An errant pitch would be to mess up, and in this instance a mistake would cause the pitcher to hit the batter.

What meme is the happy string bean from?

The string bean is from the "beaned" meme.

What actors and actresses appeared in Beaned by a Beanshooter - 1916?

The cast of Beaned by a Beanshooter - 1916 includes: Edward Elkas as The Equally Villainous Baron Arline Pretty as The Sky Maiden Charles Richman as The Gallant Hero

Did nolan Ryan pitch a no-hitter?

No Well...actually he threw a knuckleball once.......when he beaned Ventura in 1993, he hit him Robin several times with his knuckleball.

When was You Hit the Nail on the Head created?

You Hit the Nail on the Head was created in 1972.

What can cause head injuries?

A hit to the head

How do you get head bruises?

When you hit your head on something.

Did you know if you hit your head you can kill your brain?

Yes. If you hit your head hard enough you can die.