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It depends on the age of both people involved. If one is under 18 years old then it might be best to wait. I am 20 and my boyfriend is 23 so no, there is nothing wrong with that age difference.

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Yes it is bad. At your age 3 years makes a big difference. When you get older it won't, but now it does.

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Q: Is it bad to like a person three years older than you?
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Is it wrong to like someone three years older than you?

Not at all.

You like a person 6 years older than you what do you do?

you should stiil like that person. age does not matter when your in love.

Is it morally wrong for a person to be disrespectful to older people?

it kinda depends on your age and his like if hes 3 years older then you then its not a big deal but if it's like 3 years older then you then yeah it is

Is it better to date guys that are like five years older than you rather than being like a year older or younger?

it is not safe to date guys who are five years older than you rather than to date a guy who is of your age or two,three years old

Is it okay for a person to like someone two years older?

Most Certainly. As logn as they are not 18. :P

What about if u like a 17 year old and u like 12 years?

It depends on your age. If you are significantly older than both ages (like more than three or four years older) then you should probably look at people your own age. Remember--until a person is 18 years old they cannot legally give you consent. This means if you choose to have sexual intercourse with them, it is legally rape. Be careful.

What do you do if you want to do somebody that's like 10 years older than you but likes you too?

if i were you i would foolow my heart coz im also dating an older person

What do you do if you really like someone that is a lot older than you?

Firsty how much older are they and what are their ages. plus does the older person feel the same way and is he or she in a relationship. He is 5 years older than me and not in a relationship, we always talk and are really close but i dont know whether we are in a relationship.

How do you know if a boy who is three years older than you likes you?

You need to ask him! Just because he hasn't told you, doesn't mean he doesn't like you!

What is an elder?

An ELDER is a person who is older. Like a Grandma.

He is fours years older then you and he isn't the best looking the person but can you still love him?

yeah. you may get teased, but you cann like or love anyone you want.

If someone gay finds older people 40 years old and up attractive what does this mean?

It means they like older people. It sometimes happens that a young gay person who is still growing up sees adults and adulthood very desirable. So they see an older gay person as attractive. Gerontophilia is the love of a very old person.