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yes it is. its one of the causes of kidney stones.

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Q: Is it bad to drink a lot of dairy?
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What dairy foods do dutch people eat?

We eat a lot of dairy, since we have a lot of livestock. We eat: * lots of cheese of all kinds * drink a lot of milk, buttermilk, dairy-drinks etc. * a lot of quark, yoghurt etc.

How do keep the the skeletal system healthy?

you are noobs

You drink a lot of beer is it bad for you?

Yes it is

What is an Indian dairy drink 5 letters?

Lassi - Indian dairy drink

Is there a dairy free ensure drink available?

If I cannot drink dairy products Is it safe for me drink Ensure

What is needed to strenghen bones?

lots of people say that if you drink milk or have a lot of dairy products that you bones get stronger.

Is it bad if a guinea pig doesn't drink a lot?

it might die

What is dairy needed for?

A dairy is needed for producing milk and dairy products for people to eat and drink.

What food group is milk in?

Milk is a dairy drink.

Do you get bad breath from dairy products?

Any food or drink can briefly cause bad breath if it is allowed to linger in the mouth. Brush your mouth and your tongue to get your good breath back.

I have real bad headaches with difficulty concentrating how come?

Do you drink a lot of caffefine? I have found that when I drink a lot of caffeine and then try to cut back the first few days I feel less alert and have very bad headaches.

Im 12 years old and you dont drink a lot of milk is that the reason why im short?

No. How much milk I drink will not affect your height.