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Burning carbon paper, or any paper for that matter, is bad for the environment. Also, for health reasons, people should not be breathing in burning paper.

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Q: Is it bad to burn carbon paper?
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Why is paper a bad insulator?

Paper is a bad insulator because paper can burn very easily.

What gas is needed for paper to burn?

Oxygen it is. Paper content is hydrocarbon, it is carbon and hydrogen atom in the cellulose. Carbon combust with oxygen forming carbon dioxide and hydrogen combust with oxygen forming water.

Is burning paper bad for the environment?

Burning anything is bad for the enviornment. It releases carbon dioxide.

What is a good title for a science paper on carbon dioxide?

smoking is bad

What happens if you litter paper?

The chemicals in the paper will dissolve in the ground and release carbon dioxide, which is bad for the earth.

Why can paper be recycled only few times?

It can only be recycled a few times because the paper will get limp and it will be bad paper. When the paper gets recycled again, the recycling plant will pull the bad paper out and throw it away or burn it.

How do you get a finger print from the bad guy?

you use technology or you can put the finger print on a paper and light it with a lighter (becareful not to burn the paper)

How carbon dioxide burn?

Carbon dioxide cannot burn.

Can paper mache burn?

Yes paper mache can burn.

How do you burn a piece of paper?

to burn paper you take a match and a damp paper towel. You burn the edges and then blow out the flames patting the paper towel on the edge of the paper.

Which will burn faster a single paper or stack of paper?

A single paper burn faster.

What are two new materials that are made when you burn paper?

In combustion reactions, the products are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

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