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Scientifically it mean he doesnt want to be with you. He is jus genna hump then dump. Dont feel bad 62% of women are rejected every year jus because some guy dint call then. So jus ferget about it.

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Q: Is it bad if your boyfriend doesn't call when he says he is?
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I say I love you to my boyfriend and he says it back. Sometimes. Other times he just says I know and kisses me. Is this bad?

if he smiles when he says "i know" and if he doesnt do that all the time then its not bad he prbly just telling you he does to in a different way

I always call him sometimes I think I bother him too much but he says I don't bother him why would he say that?

because he doesnt want you to fell bad. because he doesnt want you to fell bad.

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What does it mean if a guy doesnt like your boyfriend?

If he has any interest in dating you, he will not like your boyfriend. But maybe he already knows your boyfriend and they do not get along or else your boyfriend has a bad reputation that the guy knows about.

Is it bad if after a year and half your boyfriend says he still doesnt know if he loves you?

Maybe he really does love you but is scared to tell you! mostly boys are like that they dont like telling people there feelings ! <3

How can you tell if your boyfriend is good or bad?

a bad boyfriend shows no respect for you and a bad boyfriend also dates you just because he wants a girlfriend...a good boyfriend always shows you respect...he tells you how beautiful you are and he isn't ashaimed of you... in other words if your boyfriend doesnt respect you... to hell with him and get rid of can do alot better!!...♥ (Not to be rude, but that's not how you spell a lot)

Does Justin Bieber's song 'Boyfriend' have bad words?

Yes. One bad word at the part after he says burr...

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesnt kiss you back?

its means you or him has bad breath or he is cheating or maybe he didnt feel like it.

What are the qualities of a bad boyfriend?

A bad boyfriend doesn't show up for dates on time (or at all), he flirts with other women or cheats on you, and constantly says things that hurt or offend you.

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If she says she doesn't care anymore but you really hurt me?

Well If she said that then shes hurt really bad and she doesnt no what to do, iv been in this situation be4. iv said it 2 my boyfriend, so just give her a big hug and a kiss and try not to hurt her :)

If you like a girl and she doesnt like you and she says that you are in her personal life is that bad?

no! It appears she thinks your invading her personal space.