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It's not like you ever dated the crush so it is perfectly fine to like the brother. I'm going through something familiar and I think my ex crush's brother is always checking me out... so just start talking to the brother ;-)

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Q: Is it bad if you like your ex crush brother?
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What does it mean when your ex and crush talk to each other?

Two things: 1) Your ex would like to start a relationship with your crush, this is what happens in most cases or it could be theory 2. 2) The Ex would like to make friends with the person you have a crush on, the problem with this is the Ex could tell some lies that may push the "crush" away from you and closer to the Ex..

How do you use crushing in a sentence?

Ex: I have a crush on that new boy in school. Ex: I want to crush the kid next door for making me angry. Ex: Hey Elizabeth, did you crush the peanuts?

Is it wrong to like your ex boyfriends brother?


Is bad to have a relationship on you ex-boyfriend's brother?

Yes, that probably wouldn't be the best thing to do. It could cause a lot of problems and that just wouldn't be very nice of you to date his brother anyway. How would you like it if your ex dated your sister that you were close to? I don't think that you would like that very much. I know i wouldn't!

What of your crush and your ex best friend are friends?

If ur ex is BFF with ur crush try and make ur ex like u. Try to be Friendly and generous. The way to tell ur ex and u are friends u will no longer call him "my ex" if that makes sense. Then haNg around with your "friend" and get to know ur crush more. Become close friends with ur crush then flirt. Either u or he will soon make the first move. Magic.

What should my brother do He has a crush on over a dozen girls in his grade and one grade above?

Take the ugliest one.IDK how many ex girlfriends can he handle

Your ex crush says to your friend that he thinks you like your now crush but you hardly told any people who you like and they definitely didn't tell anyone so how did he find out and what do?

First, Breathe! He probably just figured it out. Sometimes boys do that!(assuming you are agirl, you sound like one). second, talk to him privately and ask him not to tell anyone, for your sake. If your ex-crush knows you now crush, get him to help!

How do you know completely that you don't have a crush on your crush anymore?

think about your ex-crush in the nude, if that does do anything for you, the crush is dead.

Is your crush over their ex?

wow, didn't know they all liked the same person, but the answer would be no, my crush is not over their ex.

If you just found out that your ex boyfriends older brother likes you and you have a crush on him what should you do?

This could be a difficult situation. You don't want to cause a problem within the family. Your ex may not like this at all, and it may cause problems between him and his brother. Secondly although the brother may like you, he may not want to go out with you, unless you really like him and think honestly it's a good idea, I would leave it as is.

Does your ex ex ex boyfriend still have a crush on you?

you can tell if he looks at you in crowds or he says "he knows who likes you" something like that then yes. It also may depend on who broke up with who.

Is it bad to dat your ex cusin?

no you just what you like