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yes it is cause how will you know if he likes you more or less.

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Q: Is it bad i your boyfriend loves you and another girl?
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How do you keep your boyfriend in your arms when he likes another girl and says he loves both of them?

To bad so sad. DUMP UM

Is it bad to be jealous of your boyfriend talking to a girl?

It's not a bad thing. Honestly most girls get jealous when there boyfriend is talking to another girl. But you shouldn't worry about it.

Did Taylor Swift ever had a bad boyfriend?

no she never have a bad boyfriend swift is a very smart girl..

What is wrong with more than 1 boyfriends?

When you choose to steady date a boyfriend then you are committing to each other and he does not see other girls and you do not see other boys. If you want to freely date and not commit to one boy then do so and do not have a boyfriend.

Is it bad if a straight girl tells a gay guy that she loves him?

It's not bad, but the straight girl is setting herself up for heartache.

Is it bad if your boyfriend is one year younger than you?

No, because if he truly loves you age shouldn't get in the way

What to do when your boyfriend has another girlfriend who is ahead of you?

You DUMP him!! just dump your boyfriend and make him feel bad. ;)

Is it bad if your boyfriend only hugs you because one of your friends ask him to?

no because ur bf loves u

What do you term a relation in which a girl has a boy friend before marriage and she is married to another Man and she is still thinks about her boyfriend and not her husband?

This is a very F'D upp situation. The girl obviously likes her boyfriend. But she is going to leave her husband to find out that her boyfriend is oohhh sooo different. just like if a kid wants some ice cream. She thinks she loves the ghetto ice cream but then sees the rich ice cream and leaves but then finds out that the rich ice cream is just as bad as the ghetto ice cream!! -Diamond Boss

My boyfriend is really friendly with this other girl.. He flirts with her and i know its bad but i looked through his texts and saw that they are going to dinner on monday. Will i break up with him?

He is a bad boyfriend! You will

My boyfriend breaks up with me but he says he loves me too much so what does that mean?

he feels bad and hopes that u can forgive him....

What kind of things does nick Jonas not like in a girl?

he doesnt like a girl to have a bad attitude but he loves it when she dresses nicely (: