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no depending on your age most teens are curios about their friends bodies just ask him to see his body and youll show him yours it works trust me

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Q: Is it bad for a male to want to see is male friends naked?
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If you are male is it bad to want to see your male friends naked if you are straight?

No. Of course, some of them might think it's weird. Needless to say, if they don't want you looking, you shouldn't!

Is it bad if my boyfriend gets mad when I talk to male classmates?

Yes and no, if you ignore him often than it is not. But if you are just talking with your friends than it is bad.

If you are a male is it bad to want to see your male friends naked if you are straight?

I think that because of the taboo of nakedness we want to take a peek whoever is naked. It could be someone your own age, a granny etc. It's only natural for you to want to look at and compare yourself with others. Again taboos are potent and while women can look at other women and discuss what they see and like, it's not the same for us hung-up males who have to look in secret to escape being ostracised. Don't make nakedness a big deal and enjoy it when you can. Don't get tied up with labels like straight, gay, bi, etc. Who cares, and more importantly, who really knows where they are on the spectrum of total heterosexuality to total homosexuality?

When friends ask you for a favor but you don't want to do you feel bad when you tell them no?

Yeah I would feel bad.

Is it okay to sleep naked with your mom?

No, if your mom wants you to sleep naked with her she is doing bad things. You should tell a teacher, or a police person. They will get her get the help she needs. It is never OK for mom or dad to ask you to sleep naked with them. No adult should want you to sleep naked with them ever. Unless if she is a MILF and the last part where" No adult should want you to sleep naked with them ever" if my adult Girlfriend wants me to sleep naked with her i will and get some

Is naked bad?

no. its perfectly normal. some religions or cultures will frown upon it, but its fine to be naked no. but the chance of being horny will be higher!

Is it right Tobe naked in first night?

When deciding if you want to get naked the first night with someone, you must look at it from a moral stand point. If you do not agree with it, don't do it because you will just feel bad in the end.

What if you don't want to be friends with someone who maybe does want to be a friend and you feel bad?

Tell him/her how you feel. but try to be nice.

Do friends be mean because they want it?

Well yes they be mean because they are jealous they want to do it sooooooo bad that they be mean!

Im 12 and i smell panties of my friends sisters when i go to there houses is this a bad thing?

Totally normal, you are a male and have urges.

Is it bad to date your friends ex if you are friends with him?

Yes if you dont want to be friends anymore then do it unless he is ok with it then u can still be friends and then every thing is going to be just fine

What does this mean here I asked my male friend if he want to be friends with benefits or friends and lovers and he answer was friends and lovers?

It should be fairy obvious that he wants more than a casual relationship. You opened the door, now you have to decide if you are going through it. Understand that sex always changes any relationship. Good or bad you can't predict, but it will change it.