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Well it can be but the bigger question is why were you tasting your sweat? i think this is a larger sign of mental sickness

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Q: Is it a sign of sickness to taste like salt when you sweat?
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What does your sweat contain?

Ur sweat contains water and salt like things ......... That is why if u taste it, It taste salty

What is the salt that comes out of the body?

It the sweat. If you taste your sweat is gonna be salty.

Why does your sweat taste salty?

It contains salt.

Why does your skin and lips taste salty?

there is some salt in your sweat and so when you sweat you will have some salt on your body

Do flies like salt?

Flies are not particularly attracted to salt itself, but they do enjoy feeding on substances that have salt in them, such as sweat or other bodily fluids. Salt can enhance the taste of these food sources for flies.

Why does your perspiration taste salty?

because there is Salt in your sweat... which is why you are suppossed to drink electrolyte drinks after you workout... to replace the sweat and other stuff you lose.

How the sweat glands helps to cool the body?

Answer: what does sweat consist of? salt is salt a waste product? yes excess salt needs to be removed from the body how? mainly through the kidneys any other way? yes when we exercise we sweat/perspire therefore the sweat glands work to remove waste. salt is eliminated through perspiration that's why you have a salty taste when you sweat As your body excretes the sweat to cool you off from the sweat glands, toxins and wastes are carried by the blood and through the skin to the sweat glands, where they go out in the droplet of sweat.

Why do sweat taste like salt?

Because it contains salt. If you're sweating really really much, like if you're running a marathon when it's really warm outside, you might actually need to take salt tablets to keep your body working properly. Do note that this only apply to extreme cases, most of the time we get more than enough salt through our ordinary diets as to not need any supplements.

Why do your tears taste like salt water?

Well... I think that tears are salty is when sometimes when you eat something that has salt in it, the tears will come out when you cry. That's what I think.

Why would a dog constantly lick the sweat off your body?

One of the reasons is that to them you smell different and sometimes they think there is something wrong with you. Thus they try to cover the smell of your sweat with there own scent. Another reason is just because they like the taste of the salt in our sweat. =)

Why do moose like salt?

like horses they loose sweat, and they need an in take of salt to replenish there salt levels.

What does quartz taste like?

what does quartz taste like and smell like