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I believe he is because men are not going to ruffle your hair if he looks at you as just a friend. He is trying to show you he would like to take that next step in whatever kind of relationship you are in, if you are friends or co workers. Maybe that's help and if you really want to know to be for sure is just ask him the worse thing he can say in no.

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Q: Is it a sign of affection if a man ruffles your hair?
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Why does man call girl baby?

It's a sign of affection/love.

What does it mean if a man touches your hair and neck and jaw line and plays with your fingers?

Those would be signs of how he feels about you. If he is constantly making those movements then he must really like you!!! They are called caresses and they are a sign of affection.

What does it mean when a guy pulls a small lock of your hair...?

that they have an affection for you because i doubt that a man friend would do that.

What a girl like in the man?

nothing other then care and affection

What a man likes in a girl?

nothing other then care and affection

Am a 25 years old man and still have no sign of facial hair what can you do?

be thankful you dont have to shave like the rest of us

What if a Muslim man says I care about you?

It is a good compliment as well as good sign of friendship, support, and cooperation. However, if between a man and woman, then it should not be translated into any sexual acts (oral or intercourse) without a licit marriage. Being a Muslim man is no impediment to affection or love.

Is it polite for a man to touch a man's shoulder in public?

No because a man doesn't like being touched on the shoulder by another man. It's only to be done by a woman to a man as a sign of affection. Yes, touching another man on the shoulder is an accepted, polite way to get his attention. For example, if the other man is blocking your way, you might touch his shoulder and say, "Excuse me," as you move past him.

What does it mean when a man says 'I love you' to a woman - is it different from when a woman says it to a man?

It means that he has a lot of affection for you and that you are special to him.

What is it called when a man and woman kiss in public?

It is called Public Display of Affection.

Why does Erica always laugh when shown affection?

because it's coming from you, the man that is always wishing her dead and calling her names. any affection coming from you is fake

When does alienation of affection apply?

The only time I have encountered the term "alienation of affection" applied was when a married couple is broken apart by a third party.In other words, a woman has a relationship with a married man and he no longer has affection for his wife. Hence, his affection for is wife is now alienated because of the other woman.Some states have laws that cover "alienation of affection".