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well it depends on how they use it. if its just towards you then you may want to ask... but i know one of my girl friends (and im a girl) calls everyone dude

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Q: Is it a good thing when your female friend calls you dude and your a female?
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If your female friend calls you dude a lot does that mean she likes you?

Possibly. It might also just mean she likes to say dude a lot. Listen carefully to what she calls other boys; maybe they're all dudes.

What if a guy calls you Janey Jane then ends the conversation with dude?

maybe he doesnt think of u just as a girl friend and a friend as wel.this could be a good thing...or not... just ask.

What does it mean when a girl calls you pa?

Pa as in father should mean that you remind her of her father. The female brain is very complicated dude.

What is a girl dude?

a female dude is a dudet

What-is a Dudette?

A Dudette is a female dude.

Is it dude to call female by surname alone?

I thing that's funny, i'm a girl and i call my females friends by their last name, and they call me by mine.

Your girl friend is trying to poison you?

Dude what did you do to her?!?!

What is the synonyms of dude?

Friend, buddy, pal

What does it mean if a girl calls a boy gay but your not gay?

Dude it means your not cool!

Whats the word 'dude' for female?

The slang word for the females is "chick" just like "dude" is for the males.

What is your name dude?

The dude, or his dudeness or el duderino, if your not into the whole brevity thing.

How do you get over your ex girlfriend when you are her best friend?

Dude what the hell why........ have no contact for at least a year and then see if you still have anything in common and maybe you could still be friends but i highly doubt it the best thing to do is forget the best friend thing it just not going to work good luck