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Some people are just naturally "night owls", while others are "early risers". If you have trouble dealing with your natural body rhythm (or perhaps others have a problem with it), work a night job or try staying up ALL day until the next night - you will probably be able to get into a routine of going to bed earlier and therefore getting up earlier. It's not necessarily a "bad" thing... It's just that some people think night owls are just plain lazy, which isn't true. I am a night owl myself and am constantly "on the go" at night. It's easier to turn your rhythm around if you work during the day, although I believe "once a night owl, always a night owl". However, if you are depressed, then I think it could be a bad thing. Talk to someone about your feelings.

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Q: Is it a bad thing to stay up till 4-5 in the morning and sleep till 1-3 in the afternoon?
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