Is iodine poisonous

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, iodine is poisonous.

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Q: Is iodine poisonous
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Another name for iodine?

poisonous?? Iodine is not poisonous. It can be used to improve a thyroid problem.

Are chlorine iodine and fluorine poisonous gas?

yes,they are poisonous.

How does iodine change the vitamin c content of orange juice?

Iodine can change it because iodine is poisonous

What does iodine do for your body?

if you drink iodine just directly from something than its poisonous but if its from anything else,than it must be healthy somehow.

Is iodine safe on a cat's wound?

No, iodine is not safe on a cat's wound. The cat will end up licking the wound, therefore getting the iodine in his or her mouth. Iodine is poisonous and should not be consumed orally.

What are some physical properties of iodine?

Solid nonmetal with a very pungent odor and can be poisonous. It does not melt, but undergoes sublimation.

Is iodine chemical compound?

The word 'iodine' can refer to either the corrosive and poisonous chemical element of the halogen group or a solution of this element mixed with alcohol. The solution is commonly used as a mild antiseptic.

Is silver iodide harmful to humans?

Silver iodide is generally considered low in toxicity to humans. It is used in some medicines and in cloud seeding to induce rain. However, long-term exposure to high doses of silver iodide could lead to health issues, and inhalation of silver iodide dust should be avoided.

Why is iodine used as an antiseptic?

Simple answer is that it kills infections. It is poisonous in large concentrations (as found in direct application) but is actually beneficial in low concentrations. (as would happen when it diffuses through the body). Iodine deficiency is the cause of several thyroid abnormalities such as goutier. The main reason that iodine kills is that it sets up a concentration bias that will rupture bacterial cell-membranes.

What is the difference between iodine crystals and iodine solution?

Iodine crystal is solid Iodine. Iodine solution is when Iodine crystals are dissolved in water.

What is the solution of tincture of iodine?


What is bladderwrack good for?

WARNING: it contains IODINE, which can be POISONOUS if you take too much!it is used to increase your metabolic rate. this should help you lose weight and is used in many weight loss remadies.