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No. Its the Rh factor. Some people are born with the Rh protein in their blood and a very few aren't. The people that have the protein are Rh+ and those that don't are Rh-. Women who have Rh- blood such as O- have to get a Rhogam shot so they aren't exposed to the protein when they have Rh+ children. If they are exposed, they build antibodies that can attack Rh+ babies they are carrying.

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Neither, blood is neutral.

It does contain both positively and negatively charged ions, but in equal amounts so that they cancel.

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Q: Is human blood is in negative charge?
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What part of the human body has a negative charge?

What did you say George.

Why causes red blood cells to stick together?

Red blood cells are negatively charge. When a negative charge meets another negative charge, supposedly it will repel. When red blood cells stick together, it means that the normal negative charge of the red blood cell change to positively charge causing it to effect other red blood cells. This may due to the presence of bacteria, fungus and many more. This may also due to the unhealthy eating habits.

What will be the effect on human body if transfusion of o negative blood group is given to o positive blood group human being?

Nothing, O negative blood is the universal donor. Everyone can receive it without complications.

What is the difference between positive and negative b blood type?

Human blood has a protein (rH). If you have rH in your blood you have positive blood type, if you are lacking rH you have a negative blood type. Negative blood rejects positive blood because it is lacking the chemical, however positive blood can accept both negative or positive blood.

What is the charge of anion?

A cation has a positive charge and an anion has a negative charge.

How much money should you charge for your human blood?

About 31 dollars

What charge is a negative?

A charge which is not a positive charge is a negative charge.

What is RH positive and RH negative?

These are specific blood types in a human being.

What diet should be followed by a person with type a negative blood?

The diet for specific blood types that is generally accepted focuses the difference between the diets on the type of blood (i.e. O, A, or B) rather than the positive or negative charge associated with the blood type. There is no specification for a person with negative type blood.

What is the negative charge in atoms?

Electrons have an electrical negative charge.

What charge electron charge positive or negative?

Electrons carry a negative charge to balance out the positive charge of the proton.

What charge is electrons?

Electrons charge is a negative