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Herbalife is not considered safe to take after a renal transplant. The consumption of Herbalife could possibly cause strain on the kidneys. It is advised to consult a physician before taking any type of supplement or medicine to rule out any possible side effects.

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Q: Is herbalife safe to take after a renal transplant?
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Is Herbalife a steroid?

Herbalife is a company that sells products that provide your body with great nutrition.

Can you take Viagra if im a kidney transplant patient?

Viagra is contraindicated in anyone with "severe renal impairment". However since you've been transplanted, one would hope that the transplant is functioning correctly so that you do not have any "renal impairment". However, the other risk is that you may be on post-transplant medication which interacts with Viagra, in which case it is really advisable to check with your consultant (or even your GP) that it's safe for you to take; they have databasing software which will flag up if you're on anything with interacts badly with Viagra. There are other conditions which contraindicate using Viagra and since your consultant/GP does have access to your full medical record, it's best to check with them.

How do you get skinny easy?

take Herbalife. workout

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Is it safe to take herbalife products if you have hypothyroidism?

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Can Kidney Transplant Patients Take Maximuscle Thermobol?

Absolutely not - Maximuscle's Thermobol is a diuretic and WILL play with your renal function, possibly reducing your perfusion levels. My advice - stay away! Mark

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Can kidney transplant patients take amoxicillin?

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What is the pathway of the blood in renal circulation?

Renal arteries take oxygenated blood to the kidneys and the renal veins take deoxygenated blood away from the kidneys.

Can we take herbalife products when we are taking rimstar 4 FDC PILLS?

The answer depends on the ingredients in the herbalife products. Contact you health care provider or pharamacist for information specific to your medications.

How much Tylenol can a kidney transplant patient take?

In safe doses (1g 4 times in 24 hours) it will be no problem. Paracetamol is metabolised by the Liver not the kidneys.