Is healthier coke or sprite

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: Is healthier coke or sprite
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Is sprite healthier then coke?

Coke Contains More Sugar, But Sprite And Coke Share The Same Amount Of Calories. Just Like Coke, Sprite Has Diet Sprite And Sprite Zero. It Is Safe To Say, No, They Have Same Negative Health Distribution.

Why is sprite zero pH different from that of sprite?

Sprite zero is an acid just as Coke or Coke Zero.

What is Victoria Justice favorite drinks?

Victoria Justice`s favorite drinks are coke and diet sprite

Which soda will fizz more coke sprite or orange crush?

coke and pepsi spews the most!~!!!

Which has more acid sprite or coke?

think that coke has more acid because it's stronger than sprite

Can I use a coke coupon to purchase sprite?

Yes, you can use a coke coupon to purchase sprite. You could use a coke coupon because Coca Cola is the company that makes both coke and sprite. If the coupon was made specifically for coke then no you cannot.

Medically which is worse a coke or a sprite-caffeine-wise?

Sprite does not contain any caffeine, so therefore Coke has more caffeine than Sprite.

Which coke burst the most out of coke Diet Coke orange and sprite?

i found that it was coke

Will sprite corrode faster than coke?

yes it will i did an experiment and sprite does corrode faster and better than coke.

Which freeze Sprite Coke or Diet Coke?

They all freeze.

What makes teeth decay the fastest coke or sprite?


What is more acidic coke or sprite?

Coke is more acidic than Sprite. The acidity of a drink is measured by its pH level, with lower pH values indicating higher acidity. Coke typically has a pH of around 2.5, while Sprite has a pH of around 3.3.