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Intense head-banging at any time can be dangerous in that it can cause whipplash and/or pinched nerves. Any disruption to the electrical flow in the neck can result in problems elsewhere in the body.

Ecstacy does not increase the severity of the damage, but rather numbs you to it so that you will continue to injure yourself after the initial pain.

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Q: Is headbanging on ecstasy dangerous
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Can to much headbanging to rock music kill brain cells?

Some spread myth that headbanging, "will tear axons in your brain and cause brain cells death." Headbanging can contribute to brain damage but its will be due stroke or maybe concussion but claiming that headbanging tear axons is a joke

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Is ecstasy dangerous if my husband takes it three months before i get pregnant?

Probably not. Ecstasy clears the system within a week.

Are the dangers of ecstasy overrated?

No. People say jumping off cliffs is dangerous for a veyr good reason; the same goes for ecstasy and most other illegal drugs.

Is Ecstasy dangerous to mix with other drugs?

All drugs have negative and ill effects on the user, so using it with other drugs will yes, be dangerous

What is the cure if drink is spiked with ecstasy?

There is no "cure" since ecstasy is not a disease.There is no antidote either.That said, ecstasy (mdma) is not as dangerous as sometimes depicted in the media. The biggest risk is hypertermia (high body temperature). Drinking water (without overdoing it, as too much water is dangerous by itself) helps.Note that mdma has a very strong bitter taste, so it is not very likely it would go unnoticed in a drink, especially in amounts that would be dangerous.

Can you Fall in love because of ecstasy?

Yes. Usually it is only a temporary feeling, but I have known people who are still married after initially falling in love while on ecstasy. It is also possible to fall in love with ecstasy because of the way taking ecstasy feels. Love can be a dangerous game, so choose your opponents wisely.

Does it hurt overdosing on ecstasy?

Ecstasy will harm your body every time you use it, It causes an excess in serotonin in your brain, Serotonin effects you mood, appetite and sleep. Even though ecstasy increases serotonin when you are on the drug it will decrease the serotonin levels once you get off of it causing you to have sleeping problems a loss of appetite and can lead to being in a bad mood or depression. Also when you buy ecstasy on the street there is no telling what it really is, Sometimes you will get something completely different from ecstasy or sometimes you get something mixed with ecstasy. This is very dangerous because a lot of the time more dangerous drugs like methamphetamine and mixed in with it.

Can extasy be mixed with enough heroin to be addictive?

Ecstasy and heroin are both very dangerous and addictive drugs. Do not use them.

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There is no way to tell without an MRI or autopsy.

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