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I would be amazed if an intimate hug failed to turn on a male!

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Q: Is he turned on by intimate hugs like I am?
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What does it mean when she hugs you while your separated?

When she hugs you while you are separated means she wants to be in intimate friendship with you that can be up to the level of marriage and/or being engaged in sexual activities.

Does a girl like you when she hugs you?

girls' adore hugs!(:

Does bill kaulitz like hugs?

Yes, he must do. He's only human :) Plus, hugs are epic. Who wouldn't like hugs?

Saki hugs Arisa in the rain in what episode?

saki hugs arisa in episode 5,000,569,123,456. it was a very intimate moment. it made my dog cry. i wish they could play it again sometime. I've only seen it once.

When a guy hugs a girl he was intimate with in the past and starts to have body tremors during for almost a full minute why is that?

Either he is remembering past intimacies or he is cold.

Does she like you if she hugs you 3 times a day?

Maybe it depends on Why she hugs you. If you like her you should show it to her that you like her by giving a quick look then a smile. But usually when a girl touches (ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE HUGS YOU!!) it means that she likes.

What kind of hugs does Joe Jonas like?

he likes to have big long hugs with the girls he likes and brotherly hugs with obviously his brothers

Do guys like hugs?


What does it mean when a guy says hugs and smiles?


Your girlfriend seems to be intimate with one of her male friends and often hugs him but she swears that they are just friends should you be worried?

He might be gay. Try and chat him up to see.

Does this count if the boy hugs you once and then hardly talks to you but talks and hugs older girls does he like you?

Probably not...

How do you say you like him in spanish?

I like him = le quiero/a mi me gusta (More intimate/less intimate)