Is he a quack Dr Mercola?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One word, YES!

The problem with Dr Mercola is twofold. 1- he disregards science and 2- is preoccupied with promoting his own supplements without scientific evidence that they actually benefit humans. Continuing along the same line of thinking, he makes claims that are completely unsubstantiated with a goal of lining his pockets with gold. If he is so concerned with 'Natural' and 'Healthy' living, his direction would be to steer people toward healthier eating habits and leading a more active lifestyle which would negate the need for supplements. (this would be counter-intuitive considering his goal) If I were to consider the definition of 'Quack' then yes, he fits the 'Bill.'- SNS.

I would kindly suggest the person posting the question that, instead of paying heed to monosyllabic answers, looked for more substantial answers on the Web.

Here are the credentials listed from the "quack's" own site; see the link below.Then read his articles, and cross reference what he says with other professionals are saying to reach your own educated decision. Compare his products with what others are selling too if you find them expensive. That Dr. Mercola is an entrepreneur too doesn't detract from his medical expertise.

As far as I can tell, and even taking into account his critics: his articles contain a lot of useful information.

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Q: Is he a quack Dr Mercola?
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