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Well, it depends. For some people, money is more important than friends, but to many others, friends are more imortant than money. It just depends on you!

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they are both important because they r both part of your life and family is a little more important because they take care of u and give up everything for your whole life

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Q: Is having friends more important than having money?
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What is more important friends or money?

The answer is different to many. Some think friends are more important, others think money is more important. It all depends on you!

Is money every thing in life?

NO!!!! money is not evrything in lyf having a family and children and friends who lyk u is much more important then having money... wat money can buy u things but nothing can buy u a family and people who car about u

What is the moral of the hare with many friends?

The moral of the story "The Hare with Many Friends" is that having genuine friends is more important than having numerous acquaintances. True friends will stand by you in times of need, while fair-weather friends will abandon you when faced with challenges.

What is the single most important advantage to someone trying to get elected to congress?

Having more money to spend on campaigning

Is sex money or love more important?

Money. Without money you will not have sex or love worth having. A lot of money is not necessary but at least enough to make your decisions come without pressure.

What is the point of a budget?

A budget is how you manage money. Money is the most important thing to having a meaningful life. By meaningful I mean a life with less hassles and more time for family, partners, and friends, the important stuff. Money is the backbone to keeping those relationships stable. So, if you budget, which is organizing how you spend your money, and when and what to spend it on, you make life more organized. Trust me, the 10 minutes it takes to make a simple budget is better than piling debt, stress, and anxiety.

IS friends more important then money in all ways?

Not in all ways. Without money, you'd have your house taken down and you'd be homeless and live on the streets and jobless so you couldn't have money.

Can you adopt your friends child?

we can adopt our friends child by money more and more money.

How can you get more people to see your website without having to spend money?

Email links to your friends and family and ask them to refer others to your website. Otherwise you will have to advertise.

Do not having a high school education affect the way you live?

Well people say it does but to be honest I dropped out of school and I'm making more money then my friends that graduated

How do you get more presents on FarmVille?

By having more friends sending you gifts daily.

How does money affect the relationshipof teens?

hard to say. it may just depends on their values. some may think money is more important than relationships with the others. but some may value that friends are priceless. nowadays teens seem like emphasis on money more than their relationships. they may quarrel, and even separate. nevertheless once you quarrel with your friends because of money, then you shall get the answer.